So, I've picked a project. For christmas I'm goign to build a Digital Photo frame out of an old Dell Latitude CPi 300Mhz laptop that' been living somewhere in the loft ! It seems from my friend Google that several otther people have also tried this, so it can't be completely useless.

From this; The Laptop _Before_ surgery !, to this; PB230055.jpg !

There are 5 more parts to this story (at the moment) so read on;


(google sketch up model, assembled and exploded !)

So, Steps in rough order;

  • Ensure Laptop Works
  • Install chosen software (XUbuntu 7.10, Feh, unclutter, Ndiswrapper etc)
  • Configure software in some way
  • Rip laptop asunder
  • Somehow fit the parts of the laptop into a frame of some kind so it looks like a picture
  • Impress the family
  • (Update) Dismantle it, and change bits to remove the annoying things that didn't quite impress everyone, then impress the family anew !