Quick Note: I had an error recently where RStudio nor EGit nor the command line would push my repo to github.  I can't remember the exact error, although after some googling I found this SO answer that solved it

git config http.postBuffer 524288000

This fixed my problem.

This weeks photo challenge was 'An Egg, A torch, and a piece of paper'.  Well I cheated a little (kids have lost my torch, so I used my SB-24 speedlight, and this is technically an animation, not a single image, but there you go.

cropped indexed

Well, they loved it !


But there were a few, teeny tiny problems;

It can be quite loud, due to a) the hard drive whirring up every six minutes and b) the fan whirring up every two.

It wasn't particularly stable on the wall.

It wasn't angled enough on the wall, so only tall people could see the image, due to the LCD sweet spot viewing angle.


Read on to find out how these were solved ....




Well, to solve the first issue, I gutted the thing again, swapped the hard drive for a newer model that would accept hddparm messing with it, and added a small aluminium heat sink to the CPU cover to improve the passive cooling, and added some insulation to the hard drive area.

For the second problem, whilst it was in bits, I replaced the fibreboard sheet that holds the motherboard with a slightly larger piece, and used angle brackets to attach the read frame. This also let me move the read frame up and improve the angle the frame sat at on the wall. I also fitted some meatier wire hooks onto the frame, and the wall.

Lastly, I knocked two panel pins into the wall that the rear frame now sits on, this pushes this bit up and let's the top fall outwards, improving the stability, airflow and angle fot he screen. Bonus !


P5100006.jpg P5100005.jpg



And now, its really very happy !